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Corporate Commitment

Our Role in the Environment

The dairy industry is a global industry which is responsible for providing high quality nutrition for much of the world's population on a daily basis. It is an important and far-reaching segment and as such has significant environmental impacts along the supply chain. Application of an "eco-efficiency" mindset will help to minimize these impacts while at the same time helping to make our industry more sustainable and profitable.

Eco-efficiency starts at the farm. By implementing best-practice farming principles and managing herds for optimal output, farmers can make a significant contribution to all aspects of environmental management while also saving money. Efficient farming practices will also translate to a more reliable and safe milk source for collection.

Dairy processors also have many opportunities to minimize environmental impacts by improving the efficiency of their operations while optimizing returns. As energy and water costs continue to rise and waste regulations become more stringent, an eco-efficient approach will present environmental and economic benefits for our industry. There continue to be significant opportunities to coordinate efforts along the supply chain and minimize the total lifecycle impacts through a structured, businesslike approach of implementing eco-efficiency.

Supplier and Raw Material Procurement

JLS Foods maintains an ongoing dialogue with suppliers regarding key sustainability performance factors such as food safety, quality, environmental performance and social responsibility. Our suppliers are selected in part by the consideration of the supplier's environmental and social responsibility and current sustainability guidelines determine which aspects we use when assessing our suppliers from an environmental and human rights point of view.

Responsible sourcing takes into account social and environmental considerations when managing relationships with suppliers and is an integral part of managing the chain of supplies from where they are produced to where they are used.

Interest is growing as to where products originate and whether they are produced in a responsible and sustainable manner. We consider responsible sourcing to be part of our company's commitment to conduct business with integrity and responsibility, to treat people with dignity and respect, and to help protect and conserve the environment.