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Milkfat Concentrates

Milkfat provides a unique aroma and flavor in many food product applications. More than 120 flavor compounds have been identified in butter alone and butterfat contains precursors that generate aroma and flavor compounds on heating, as observed during baking.

In addition to aroma and creamy flavor, milkfat has a characteristic mouth-feel and unique melting profile preferred in many food formulations. The physical properties of milkfat provide structure in chocolates and perceived richness in soups and sauces; prevent blooming in chocolates, cookies, and pastries; and contribute to aeration in cakes and frostings and tenderness of flake in bakery products.

The choice of milkfat concentrate depends on its role in the food product. Let us help you select the appropriate product for your application.

Here is a list of our milkfat based products:

  • Anhydrous Milk Fat
  • Butter
  • Butter Oil
  • Cream
  • Concentrated Milk Fat
  • Ghee